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Kitten or Adult Cat: Which Should You Choose?

by Jane Moreno 03 Nov 2021 0 Comments

So you're looking to adopt a cat. Maybe you're wondering whether to get a cat or a kitten. Here are some things to consider to help you make your choice.

Why You Should Get a Kitten?

Kittens are so cute, aren't they? Who wouldn't want a kitten? But the fact is that kittens are a lot of work. So if you are a family with older children who can take on the responsibility of caring for a kitten, then it might work for you. Alternatively, if you're young and out on your own for the first time then a kitten might make a good pet.

Take into consideration your lifestyle. A kitten needs a lot of attention. They are also very mischievous and make messes a lot. Think young child. They are exploring their world and can get themselves into trouble quickly. So you will need to provide a kitten with a safe environment and lots of attention.

Also be prepared for extra veterinary expenses getting his shots and protecting him against illness. If you are able to provide tons of attention and guidance and veterinary care, then you might be the perfect kitten owner. Remember kittens grow into adult cats. And there are definitely pluses to adult cats.

Why You Should Get an Adult Cat?

If you have a lifestyle not suitable for a kitten then you might want to consider getting an adult cat. There are many advantages to owning an adult cat. First of all you will know exactly what you get. You can see what kind of personality a cat has and if it suits your family. You'll know how big the cat is going to be. You can see how mellow or active the cat is. If you are looking for an active cat to grow with your children, then an adult cat is good to try out.

Don't worry about the cat not growing with your children. A cat can live for well over 15 years. So if you get a 5-year-old cat, you will still have a good long time of cat ownership with the same cat.

When adopting an adult cat, you'll want to make sure you know of any issues, such as why the cat ended up in the shelter to begin with. The cat might have had a behavioral problem, or maybe it was because of how someone in the family was treating the cat. Perhaps the cat won't use the litter box, although that doesn't mean he can't learn. Since cats are finicky, they won't go in a filthy litter box. So by just making sure the litter is scooped and fresh, the cat likely won't have any problems. The cat might just need a new environment of his own to improve his behavior.

There are plenty of adult cats that need homes which are overlooked for the cuteness of a kitten. And really adult cats make great pets for just about everyone. You don't have to have a cat as a kitten to bond with it. Adult cats can bond with you, too. They might appreciate you more having given them a better life away from what they had before and out of a shelter. So definitely consider an adult cat for your family.

Which do you prefer, cats or kittens?

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