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Ten Great Cat Breeds For Kids

by Jane Moreno 04 Nov 2021 0 Comments

So you have kids and you want to get a cat. Well, there are certain cats that are better for kids than others. You want to make sure you find just the right cat for your children. Check out these great breeds of cats for kids.

Not all cats have the right temperament for kids, so you want to make sure you find a cat that is playful and low maintenance. Here are the ones that are particularly suitable for children.

  1. The American Short Hair - With its muscular body and short hair, this makes this cat the perfect one for kids. It's a medium activity cat with a playful personality. It is an even tempered cat which can be very loyal, therefore developing deep relationships with the people in its life. These cats usually get along well with other animals and children too. They aren't really up for hours of play, but they do like to play. And being short haired they don't require a lot of grooming. So it's easy to care for cats who are playful, but not overly so. It would make a great addition to just about any family.

  1. The Maine Coon - This is a very playful cat who loves the outdoors. If you have a place for an outdoor pen and a rambunctious group of children, then this is the perfect cat. These cats are hugely loyal cats as well, with big personalities. They are constantly moving, even in their sleep, and your kids might get a kick out of seeing the different positions they'll find their cat in every morning. This is a sturdy cat which can get rather large, weighing around 12 pounds. They do require a little more grooming with their longer hair. Brushing a few times a week is needed.

  1. The Persian Cat - This is a low activity cat, so if you have more docile children this would make a great first pet. It's almost like a big fluffy stuffed animal. They don't demand a lot of attention, but when you're ready to give it to them they love it. This cat is best kept indoors because of its very fluffy coat. This will keep it from getting dirt and debris in its coat. Persian cats require regular brushings, but other than that they are rather low maintenance.

  1. The Siamese Cat - Siamese cats are very loyal cats, making them great family animals. It might take them a while to warm up to the family as they can be shy, but they are great and will get the kids moving. With their short hair they require very little grooming, and are actually great if you're concerned about allergies with your children as they are less likely to have an allergic reaction to these cats.

  1. The Birman Cat - This is a cross between a Persian and Siamese cat. It has a soft, long coat. These are very docile cats, so they are not a big hit with active children. But you'll appreciate this cat's ability to sit still for long periods of time when it comes time to grooming, because that will take a while. This is a hugely friendly breed of cat, though. It's a great cat for low energy level children who will like to cuddle the cat.

  1. The British Short Hair - This cat is very similar to the American short hair. Its muscular body and short hair requires little grooming that can withstand constant petting, even rough petting. This cat bonds easily with children and adults. The British short hair is full of personality and can be very playful. It's a very friendly cat. The only drawback is the ailments these cats are prone to, including sun burn and tumors. White ones with blue eyes are prone to deafness.

  1. The Tiffany Cat - Also known as Chantilly, this cat has semi-long hair. It has a shiny coat with a silky feel. Personality-wise these cats are perfect. They have an even temperament. They are active, but enjoy their quiet time. They aren't super aggressive. They play well with children, but not overly so as to wear them out. Just an all-around even keel cat.

  1. The Ragdoll Cat - This is a quirky breed. When lifted, it will go limp. No need to worry; this is the only time this cat will go limp. They are sturdy cats that get along well with children and dogs. You can even teach these cats a few tricks like fetch and “play dead”. This will be a huge hit with the kids. But don't expect extremely high activity levels from this cat. If you're looking for a cat to chase the kids around, this isn't the cat for you. If you're looking for a lay around trick cat, then this is the one.

  1. The Abyssinian Cat - This is a slender and muscular breed. It would be the perfect cat for older, energetic children. These cats like to be outside. They are playful and clown like. However, they are not good cats for young children or toddlers. These cats can get fussy if not paid attention to regularly. They don't warm up quickly so children will need to be patient. This is a good cat to have as a kitten.

  1. The Manx Cat - This is the cat without a tail. There is however a short stub. This is a friendly cat who looks like he's ready to pounce. It's a very playful cat as well, almost like a dog. It likes to bury and dig like a dog. These are very loyal cats which should be kept indoors.

Basically when choosing a cat for your children, just remember to keep in mind each child's age and personality. Match your child's personality with your cat's personality.

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