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A little bit about us 😊: 

Pets R Kings was founded in 2019 by me, Regitze😊, when my father got cancer and died shortly thereafter. 😥 This made me realize that life is short. At the time I was working about 80h per week nights as a nurse to support my 25 feral rescue cats, 1 dog and 6 horses. Because I was working so much, I felt like I was neglecting my animals. I fed them and took care of them, but I didn’t have enough time to spend with them. 😟 

That’s when I started to build up Pets R Kings, so I would be able to work from home and be more with my animals and also be able to save more animals in the future. 😻 I also own a non-profit organization Regitzes Cat Home where I save feral cats and give them a permanent home. 😻 I now have 26 feral rescue cats at my home. 😻 

You can follow our daily lives here: 
Instagram: Pets R Kings @petsrkings and 

Regitzes Cat Home @regitzescathome 

Facebook: Pets R Kings and 

Regitzes Cat Home 

Youtube: Pets R Kings  


Regitzes Cat Home: 


TikTok: @petsrkings and 


It would really help me to take care of all the animals and also save more in the future if you would follow us, subscribe to the YouTube channel and tell your friends about us. Thank you very much. 😍  

We also support a lot of other charities as well.  

10% of our profits go to the following organizations: 

World Animal Protection 


Danish Animal Protector 

Danish Animal Protection Agency 

Inges Cat home 

We also care about people 😘 so we also support humanitarian organizations: 

The Folk Church Relief Organization 

Red Cross  

Save the Children Organization 

The Worlds Forrest Organization 




You can also sign up to become an affiliate with us and earn 5% of each sale. 😊 

Sign up here: https://petsrkingsshop.goaffpro.com/ 


Please take care of yourself and your fur kids 😻😻 

Best wishes from us all at Pets R Kings 

Regitze 😻  

 Regitze Juul Simonsen,

-Founder of Pets R Kings and Regitzes Cat Home - our own non-profit organisation to help feral cats. Check it out on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok @regitzescathome 

Gary Boroc

and his helpers Oslo and Tokyo 🐶

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