How to Keep Your Cat Fit

You want to keep your cat fit and healthy so you can enjoy him as a companion for a long time to come. While cats have nine lives, those nine lives will be very short ones if you don't give them the proper care. And that includes fitness. Not only should they be eating a healthy diet, they also need exercise. This is something you have to pay close attention to when you have an indoor cat. Here are some ways to keep your cat active and fit.

Active Cat

The number one thing you need to keep your cat fit is toys. Interactive toys provide not only physical wellbeing for your cat, but also mental stimulation. This will keep your cat entertained, free of boredom, and will help to reduce any stress your cat might have in his life.

You need to make sure you choose the right toys for your cat. Each cat has its own personality and therefore its own preferences to play. The one main goal with all cats though is the hunt. The hunt is what keeps a cat fit and mentally stimulated, so you want to make sure you choose the right toys for you cat to entice the hunt.

What Kind of Toys Should You Get for Your Cat

* Chasing toys - Cats love to chase things, so a simple feather on a stick dragged around will get your cat going. There are also many different kinds of toys where you yourself don't actually have to operate the chase. Flip a switch and off the toy goes. However, nothing is more fun than getting your cat to catch the object, so save these battery-operated toys for times when you can't stop to play, but your cat is being needy.


* Small cat mouth toys - Cats might not be so great at fetch, but if you get them going they will take a small cat toy and bat it around with their paws or toss it in the air to catch. Sometimes all it will take is a toss of the toy and your cat will delight in pouncing on the toy and flipping it all around. Have you ever seen a cat when he catches its prey? He will play with it before going in for the kill, so to speak. So let him play with his “prey”.

* Balls - Yes, cats will play with balls. It might be more intriguing to them if it makes a sound, like has a bell in it. Again this is something a cat will bat around in his paws or roll around on the floor and pounce on. All of this is replicating behavior a cat would exhibit in the wild.

* A laser pointer - So simple, really, but hours of fun. Really, a flashlight in the dark might even work, but the laser pointer is super effective. You can almost get a cat to climb the walls trying to get that little red dot on the wall. Be prepared if you have small children to have your child and cat competing for the light from the laser pointer.

* Treat puzzle - Cats are motivated with food. And to use their natural instincts with the hunt, put some treats in a treat puzzle toy and let them figure out how to get the treat out. Don't worry, they aren't too difficult to use. As the toy is manipulated, a piece of food drops out. So this truly satisfies the whole hunt for food need of cats. Keeps him active and fed all at once. It's a win-win.

Just remember to monitor your cat when playing with him. A ball of yarn is great fun, but can be a choking hazard. The feather toy can cause a cat to get tangled in and strangled. So do be careful with the toys you get, and when you do use them be sure to supervise him closely. Safety is always your number one priority.

All of these toys are great for keeping your cat fit and happy. And remember, if you're interacting with your cat and wearing him out, then he's less likely to have the energy to do destructive things to your house. This will make him more enjoyable all around.

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