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Simple House Training Tips For Your Puppy

by Jane Moreno 31 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Being able to successfully house train a dog takes preparation, patience, and a few practical items. Here are some basic house training trips for dogs.

If you are thinking of acquiring a puppy, either from a breeder or shelter, the first thing you need to do is prepare.

* Select a designated area in your home or apartment where you will keep the pup.
* Purchase a kennel or crate as a home base for your pup, as well as a long leash.
* Establish a daily routine from the get-go. Most young pups may need to go out every two hours. If this is not an ideal situation you can paper-train the pup first, and work up to taking the pup outdoors later. This is especially true if you are not home during the day.

* Keep the pup confined to a kennel during the night.
* Use the leash during the day so that the puppy is relegated to one area of the home.
* Put paper down in close proximity to the kennel in order to teach the pup that this is his bathroom area.
* When the puppy is let out of the kennel in the morning, he will need a bathroom break. Ensure that the pup uses the paper. Pups will recognize the scent and choose the same area each and every time.
* If you are home during the day, and you allow your pup the freedom to roam around your home, keep a watchful eye. Pups like to leave their scent in several places in the home.
* If you find that your pup has gone to the bathroom other than in the designated area, clean the spot to dissipate the odor.
* If you notice that your pup is about to eliminate somewhere other than in the designated area, this is a good time to pick him up and take him to the paper area. Repeat this process over and over. Eventually, the pup will get the message.

* Once the pup has become comfortable with the routine, taking him outdoors is the next step.
* Keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule appropriate to the age and breed.
* Routinely take the puppy out for walks; usually morning; after feeding, and before bedtime.
* After a while, as the puppy will understand the routine. As he grows, you will find that he will signal to you when he has to go to the bathroom either by barking or wagging his tail. This usually occurs at the front or back door of your home.

Finally, it is important to understand your new puppy may need time to acclimate to his new surroundings. So too, a puppy may eliminate when strangers enter his domain. This is a natural reaction.

Although every puppy reacts differently, house training a puppy from day one requires lots of praise and attention. Once you get over the initial hurdle, you will be able to give your puppy the freedom to go from room to room without worry.

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