How to Reduce Cat Hair

One of the downfalls of cat ownership is the cat hair you find everywhere. This is normal for a cat. Well, really we all do it. And sometimes cats will shed more than other times. It will vary based on things like the cat's age, health, and seasons.

It can be a nuisance nonetheless. Having to clean it up off furniture and clothing all the time can be a pain, so you'll want to figure out ways to reduce the shedding. To do this you will need to be extremely diligent. Follow these steps to control cat shedding.

Steps to Control Cat Shedding

1. Start with what your cat is eating. A healthy diet means a healthy cat and a healthy coat. Check with your veterinarian to see what he or she recommends your cat eats based on age. If you're concerned that your cat might be shedding more than usual, then the vet can recommend the right kind of food to make sure he maintains a healthy skin and coat.

2. Brush your cat regularly. A good daily brushing of any cat (no matter the hair type, but especially long haired cats) does a coat good. It gets the hair that's falling off and keeps it contained to the brush so there's less on your clothes and furniture. It will remove the dead undercoat, lift dander, and give your cat a beautiful shiny coat.

3. Give regular baths. While cats are very meticulous about cleaning themselves, there's just some things they can't get to. This is why regularly bathing your cat will do so much good for your cat, including helping to remove more of the loose undercoat. Not only does it remove loose hair, it also will take away oils and odors. So all around it's a good thing. Even if you just wipe your cat down with a wet cloth it will be helpful if your cat doesn't like the water.

4. Protect your furniture. If you notice a certain time of year especially that your cat really sheds, then put a blanket or throw down on the furniture. This will make it easier to clean and remove the hair for the time when there is excessive shedding due to uncontrollable things like the weather.

5. Give cats their own space. If you don't want your cat shedding hair all over your couch, then he needs his own comfy place to go. Get him his own cat bed, play yard, or play furniture that he will find comfortable. To make it more enticing, put something that has your scent on it.

6. Finally, just clean. You just have to keep on top of it with regular vacuuming and cleaning. As annoying as it may be, if you do it daily then you'll have fewer noticeable signs that there is a cat in your home.

Just remember that shedding is a normal part of cat ownership. Excessive shedding could be the sign of a problem, though. So if you see your cat licking, biting, or losing hair in large clumps then you'll want to call your veterinarian. Also be sure to inspect your cat's skin for missing patches of hair, red spots, bumps, cuts, fleas, or ticks.

Catching a problem early might help prevent the excessive shedding from even starting. Regular grooming is the best thing you can do to reduce the shedding, though.

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