Providing an appealing cat scratching post early can help establish good scratching habits for your kitten. Our kitten scratchers come in all shapes and sizes, with sturdy construction and appealing textures to entertain, exercise, and allow your kitten to relax.

While your kitten might scratch anything to satisfy their instincts, most cats prefer a cat post that is tall for climbing, stable for rough play, cozy for quiet naps, and covered with fun textures for scratching. Choosing the best cat scratching post from Armarkat for your kitten establishes the best life habits right away.

Choosing The Right Kitten Scratching Post

All cats scratch and need to do so for good physical and mental health. Offering the type of scratching post your cat will love helps protect your other furniture and keeps your kitten fit and happy.

The features and designs of Armarkat kitten scratchers are the same ones that cats prefer most:

  • Vertical cat posts that allow kittens to stretch up and scratch downwards
  • Horizontal cat scratchers which are preferred by some kittens, who like the flat surface on the floor
  • Incorporating sisal carpet and faux fur, which appeals to cats for resting and sometimes for scratching
  • Including sisal rope, which is extremely durable with a prickly texture and depth cats love to claw
  • Designs with a very wide and stable base which will not tip over during rowdy play times
  • Multi-level cat posts which offer more adventure, especially as your kitten grows

What Size Scratching Post Is Best For Kittens?

Cat trees come in sizes to fit in small spaces, and as a first kitten scratcher these are wonderful for cats 8 months of age or younger. As your kitten grows you may consider providing at least one cat scratching post which is 30 inches tall or higher.

Browse our wide selection now for the perfect small kitten scratcher or full-size luxury cat tree scratcher playhouse. With colors to complement your home décor, and sturdy construction to hold up to wildcat play, an Armarkat kitten scratcher teaches good habits early and offers a scratching good time for years to come.

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