Dog Toys

FAQs About Dog and Puppy Toys

What toys are best for dogs?
The best toy for your dog will depend on a variety of factors, including breed, size, age, personality, and chewing habits. There are many different types of dog toys available at Pets R Kings. We recommend trying a number of options to see what your dog enjoys the most.

Why do dogs like toys?
Why do humans like toys? They’re fun, of course! The perfect dog toy can provide plenty of entertainment and mental stimulation your pooch needs.

Why do dogs like toys with squeakers?
Some dogs enjoy toys that mimic the sounds their prey might make in the wild. Fortunately for your pooch, Pets R Kings has plenty of squeaky toys to satisfy those natural instincts.

Why do dogs shake their toys?
This is an instinctual behavior left over from the days when dogs had to hunt their prey. The whipping motion is meant to incapacitate or kill their prey. Nowadays it’s seen by pet parents as a playful behavior.

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