Armarkat Classic Cat Tree A cat tree improves your indoor cat’s quality of life and provides an outlet for their instincts in the safety of your home. These intelligent companions are curious, and need both physical exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. Choosing an Armarkat Classic Cat Tree is easy—with solid construction, a wide variety of engaging, secure and adventurous designs, and faux fur and faux fleece fabrics available. Our classic cat trees can stand up to all the vigorous use and “cat crazies” your feline companion could wish for. Choosing The Best Cat Tree For Your Furry Friend Browse through our selection of affordable and aesthetically pleasing designs and look for the materials and surfaces your pet prefers. Is lying on a high “branch” or platform your tree-cat’s style? Or is yours a cave-cat that likes to hide in a den and plan a sneak attack? We have multi-level cat trees that cater to both types of play, and larger models will please multi-cat families. You can narrow your search by the space you have available, with an entertaining small cat tree, an exciting medium cat tower, or the large or extra-large Armarkat classic cat tree for maximum enjoyment: Or, look at all the sizes that feature your cat’s favorite material: Faux Fur Cat Trees Faux Fleece Cat Trees Every design features different options, including: Toys Hammocks Ledges Cubby holes Scratching surfaces Entertaining Feline Explorers Since 1994 When you choose the Armarkat Classic Cat Tree, you know that we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and share your passion for enhancing your companion’s enjoyment of life. With our reputation for top quality in the industry, it may surprise you how affordable it can be to have one shipped right to your doorstep. We use only environmentally friendly materials with sturdy foundations, and your shipped cat tree is easy to assemble, making it possible to add quality cat furniture to your home in just a few days. Not only will it please your feline friend, you will enjoy years of watching energetic play and peaceful cat naps in your new Armarkat cat tree.

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