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Potential benefits of raw feeding

by Regitze Simonsen 04 Jan 2020 0 Comments

Potential benefits of raw feeding

There can be numerous benefits associated with feeding a raw or natural diet which may be noticed with your dog or cat in a few weeks of transition. Before embarking on your raw food journey, make sure you are fully aware of all the potential risks associated with this diet and have spoken to your vet about your decision. It is important to be fully informed as raw feeding isn't for everyone, or every dog.

Below are some potential benefits that are widely reported:

General health & wellbeing – many owners who switch their pet to a raw or natural diet will notice a general improvement in overall health with brighter eyes, improved, calmer energy levels, healthier skin and glossy coat and, possibly, even an extra spring in the step of our more elderly pets!

Oral health – many customers notice that the overall health of their pets’ mouth improves after transitioning onto a natural diet. With no added sugars, additives, colours or flavours, our range of products can help prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the mouth which can lead to gum and teeth problems, as well as bad breath. Using raw meaty bones and chews can also help to physically clean the teeth and stimulate blood supply to gums, even to those teeth at the far back of the mouth.

Improved palatability – with our range of tasty complete raw foods, pure meats, minces, chunks and bones, mixers, cooked cans and pouches and yummy treats, even the fussiest of pets can be tempted! Pets who have lost interest or become bored with their current food can be tempted by an unusual meat source such as venison or duck

Dietary sensitivities – many owners have found that simply switching to a natural diet can help with many symptoms of dietary sensitivity and intolerance. We also have a range of single, novel protein and grain free complete foods, for those pets who are especially sensitive.

Weight loss – feeding a high protein, low carbohydrate diet can have a big influence on reducing that waist line. If you are struggling to get your pet to lose weight, why not try a more natural approach to help shift those extra pounds?

Anal gland management – anyone who has experienced taking their pet to the vet and having the anal glands expressed knows just how distressing this can be, for owner, vet and pet! Feeding a raw diet will help firm the stools to a healthier consistency which can help to express the anal glands naturally. Faecal amounts are significantly fewer and less smelly too – so a real winner all round!

Digestive health – many pets have experienced the benefits of a raw or natural diet and have healthier, smoother digestion. It seems some cats and dogs simply cannot tolerate a food which is processed in any way so switching to a complete raw diet can help relieve many symptoms, some of which may have been present for years.

Switching to a raw or natural complete diet can be hugely beneficial for cats, dogs and their owners.

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